Thursday, May 1, 2014

Senior Movie Review

Ben Mizzacillin

Fifty shades of Ben (2014)

Cast: Ben MacMillan, Darnel Strother, Spencer Drake, Kyle Newell, Niko Difazio, Joe Nixon, Chandler Birmingham, Chanler Harrison, Cameron Buthlay, Adam Brobst, and a bunch of fly honeys

Review: if your in the mood for a boring documentary with one one exciting part that wasn't worth the wait, this is the movie for you. Ben MacMillan stars as the main character followed by his goons who traverse through the perils of senior year of high school.
The pros of this documentary are a wonderful soundtrack, including rap, rap, oh and more rap. Along with frequent swearing and bullying, this twisting plot will throw you for a loop as you try to figure out why you are even watching this. There is a colorful cast with cameos from Cam Buthlay as that bully who everyone secretly hates, and Joe Nixon that lovable kid who everyone pities because he is diffrent.
The most exciting scenes are after the drawn out school day where the lovable main character Ben hangs with his sidekick Darnel the friendly and cluelessly happy gangster, this is the most exciting part of the movie because they roll around town and do nothing for hours on end.
This movie will have a sequel next year called "Where did we get the money to do this?" and will include half of the original cast, along with a new setting
This documentary is rated R for Cam.


  1. Easily would watch this movie over and over again. Your voice here is captured well and it's a very funny piece. I'm so proud of you.

  2. Very well put together I really liked it I just wish I was one of your friends.

  3. Lol, very funny piece, it would be a very interesting movie to watch.

  4. Haha I loved this, I'd watch it. I can't wait for the sequel

  5. This movie sounds breath taking. Can't wait to watch it

  6. I hope to be in part 2 next year, I'll only be 5 minute away. This movie sounds incredible and I can't wait to check it out!

  7. Can't wait for the sequel in college

  8. I love the title of the sequel- it certainly gives one something to think about. I appreciate your use of humor in this piece, but I would like to see a little more development of ideas! Be careful in Part 2!