Thursday, May 1, 2014

Final Writing Assignment #2

What was the assignment?
This assignment was the first feature article of the second semester, we had to choose a relevant topic to our lives and write about it.
Why did you choose this piece over the others we have done?
This was one of the longer and more developed pieces that I've had and it shows the writing skill I had at the beginning of this class.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the piece?
The strength of this piece for me is the strong voices that I included from many diffrent sources, the weakness is probably the boring flow and structure of the piece.

Ben Mac
Senior skip day

Kyle Newell a senior at Freeport highschool is a man on a mission, and that mission to get the most out of life. A lost tradition that could help Kyle on this mission is the legendary Senior Skip Day, although recently losing its prominence throughout the US, Kyle and the rest of the student body at Freeport high school hope to be setters of a new trend here at Freeport. It is important that the student body chooses whether to participate or not since the window of opportunity is closing quickly.
            Fear is one of the main reasons that most schools don't have a senior skip day, even Kyle from Freeport said "The school will probably handle it poorly by giving out mass detentions and taking away some of our senior privileges." Unless you are a parent, senior or teacher I doubt any of these events will affect you but for the students this is a big deal. Kyle believes that "it's a right of passage." "Just kids exercising their freedoms." In this new day and age it's sad to see that school officials take so much pride in being controlling and authoritative to innocent fun loving kids. One day less of school to hangout with your friends or go to the beach doesn't warrant detentions, it's a way to show enthusiasm about moving forward with your life, going on to bigger and better things.
Parents and teachers have different opinions though. I recently spoke Mr. Mellon a teacher at Freeport high school, he commented on senior skip day by saying "it's a waste of time because your in school to be a scholar not a slacker." Parents had similar comment Tracy MacMillan said that "school is a time to learn, you have plenty days off in the summer."
          If this event does occur I hope everyone can act appropriately about it. It would be a shame to see punishments that get out of hand or students being too disrespectful to administrators. I hope in the end we can all come to a conclusion which will be fun a benefit both sides.

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