Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A good interview

        A good interview comes from preparation, if you have a good size of time, you want to make sure you can use it succefully, also you want to know your main questions so you can play off those I questions with follow up questions. A good interview question is what I think brings something to light, something we didn't know before, or clarifying from the source what really happened in a situation so we get the truth, that's what makes a interview interesting to watch.
     The interviews I like most are ones with famous people, actors, sports stars, and music artist they let you get to know someone who you aspire to be. One of my all time favorite interviews was with Ray Lewis and in it he told his story growing up broke and poor and then getting a chance to make something of himself which he did, becoming one of the best linebackers in the nfl. 

What is Journalism?

        I believe journalism is the art of reporting from the source, for example the people at CBS who are live from Syria talking about first hand what is unfolding over there. Those can also be the people who do bad journalistic work, an example is biast reporting, which could possibly not give us the whole story. Good journalism is when someone gives you everything they know about the topic and let's you decide for yourself whether its good or bad. I pay attention mostly to sports journalism and some articles from over seas, for example Syria, England, and Italy and their recent struggles. In this class I want to learn how to write fluid and solid pieces. I'm interested in this class because I think it will be fun.